The Incredible Benefits of Ultraformer Treatments

Ultraformer 3 treatment is a revolutionary development in the world of ultrasound technology for skincare. It is considered a non-surgical facelift, and has made great waves in the skincare community for its remarkable effectiveness without being invasive or requiring a long recovery time. Consequently, we at Jay’s Medispa are thrilled to comment on the incredible benefits of Ultraformer treatments. 

Find out more about how these treatments can revolutionise your skin, below.

 1. It’s completely non-invasive 

Ultraformer 3 treatments are carried out with a device that channels ultrasound energy when held against the skin. It is completely non-invasive as a result! No painful incisions, injections or surgical procedures are required. Its non-invasiveness is a great benefit of the treatment as this reduces downtime, and allows you to enjoy the results of your Ultraformer 3 treatment as soon as possible. Simply wait for collagen production to kick-start, and watch as it remodels your skin. 

2. Expect natural-looking results 

Another incredible benefit of Ultraformer treatments are the natural-looking results they provide. Your results will only ever improve over time, too. The more collagen production that takes place, the smoother, firmer and more youthful your skin will become. This eliminates the use for artificial fillers, implants or other additives – whilst such substances have their own benefits, they can be noticeable and migrate over time.  

3. It’s exceptionally versatile 

An Ultraformer 3 treatment is also exceptionally versatile when it comes to the areas that can be targeted. At Jay’s Medispa, we have noted marked improvements in the face – including the eyes, forehead and mouth – neck and decolletage of our clients. However, lax skin in your abdomen and arms can also be treated. From your face to your body, the Ultraformer 3 can have a positive and prolonged effect.

We always ask our clients to engage in a thorough consultation with one of our professionals prior to treatment so we can tailor our Ultraformer technology to meet your needs, and areas of particular concern.

To try Ultraformer treatments for yourself, look to Jay’s Medispa in Auckland. We provide professional Ultraformer 3 HIFU treatments to all of our customers looking to combat ageing, and improve their skin’s natural appearance. 

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