Cryotherapy Restore and Build Confidence

Say Goodbye to Skin Tags and Moles: Cryotherapy – Your Quick and Easy Solution!

Embark on a journey to flawless skin with our Cryotherapy treatment for skin tags and moles. This minimally invasive procedure uses extreme cold, delivered via liquid nitrogen, to effectively and safely remove unwanted skin growths. It's a quick, precise, and highly effective way to achieve clearer skin.

Cryotherapy for skin tags and moles offers several advantages:

  • Precision: Targets only the affected areas without harming the surrounding skin.
  • Minimal Discomfort: Involves little to no pain during the procedure.
  • Quick Procedure: Each session is swift, taking only a few minutes.
  • Effective Results: Provides a high success rate in removing skin tags and moles.
  • Minimal Scarring: Leaves little to no scarring post-treatment.

This treatment is ideal for:

  • Skin Tags: Small, soft, skin-colored growths.
  • Moles: Pigmented, raised or flat spots on the skin.
  • Seborrheic keratosis
  • Cherry angioma
  • Hyperplasia
  • Sun damage

Treatment Time

Typically, the cryotherapy procedure for skin tags and moles takes just a few minutes per lesion.

Recovery Time

There is minimal recovery time required. Patients can resume their normal activities immediately after the treatment.

Treatment Frequency

Usually, one session is sufficient. However, a follow-up session may be necessary for larger or more persistent lesions.

Duration of Results

The results are typically permanent for the treated lesions. New skin tags or moles may develop in other areas and can be treated similarly.

Ready to experience the confidence of blemish-free skin? Book your cryotherapy session for skin tags and moles at Jay’s Medispa today and step into a future of clear, beautiful skin!

Cryotherapy Treatment


Let's explore some common questions about Cryotherapy treatments.

Cryosurgery, also known as lesion Cryotherapy is a procedure that removes skin imperfections by freezing them with nitrous oxide. It's a safe and efficient method for eliminating pesky lesions like benign sun spots, pre-checked moles, freckles, warts, and skin tags that can develop as we age.

While the traditional nitrous oxide method involves using cotton tips, Cryopen offers a more precise approach. It uses a high-precision applicator tip that targets the lesion specifically, minimizing any damage to the surrounding skin tissue. This significantly reduces the risk of hypopigmentation after the treatment, making it safe and effective for use on the face, including areas near the eyes as well as small skin imperfections.

Moreover, this precise targeting ensures that the treatment is relatively painless and comfortable since only the affected area is treated, sparing healthy surrounding skin from any effects.

Have more questions?

We're here to make you feel positive and at ease about getting any of our treatments, and we're happy to answer any questions you may have. Simply give us a call or book a first-time consultation to put to rest any questions you have.

Post-Treatment Care Guide

Congratulations on completing your cryotherapy treatment for skin tags and moles. To ensure optimal healing and results, follow our expert aftercare advice.

Essential Care Tips

Keep the Area Clean: Gently cleanse the treated area daily.

Avoid Irritation: Refrain from scratching or picking at the treatment site.

Sun Protection: Apply sunscreen to the area to prevent hyperpigmentation.

Moisturize: Use a gentle moisturiser if the area feels dry.

Observe Changes: Monitor the site for any unexpected changes or signs of infection.

Adhering to these aftercare instructions is crucial for the best healing and cosmetic outcome. Should you have any concerns post-treatment, the team at Jay’s Medispa is here to provide support and guidance. We're committed to ensuring your satisfaction and wellbeing every step of the way!

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